Common reasons for Dubai Visa Rejections

Dubai Visa Rejections :Dubai is renowned for its upscale shopping, ultramodern architecture, and exciting nightlife. Millions of tourists visit Dubai annually from all around the world. While many travels for employment or business, most are tourists or visitors who enter this country on a tourist visa. The amount of visa requests for Dubai that are made each year is unfathomable. Some people struggle to even get through the application step, so you might consider it lucky for them if they receive their Dubai visa without any hassles.

Ever wondered why Dubai visa applications are vehemently rejected? You might have wondered if you are a frequent traveller to Dubai. And, you can be one of those who consistently make a simple error that goes unnoticed. Here in the following article, we have listed some common reasons for Dubai visa rejection which can help you spot your mistakes and be better prepared to apply for a Dubai visa. Why late? Let’s explore the common reasons why your Dubai visa getting rejected.

Find out the most common reasons for Dubai visa rejections:

Unskilled labour is more prone to visa rejections:

Your visa would likely be rejected outright if your passport lists an unskilled profession.

Applicants with prior criminal or fraudulent activity in the UAE

The UAE is one of those rigorous nations that will not admit individuals with prior criminal or fraudulent conduct. Even if a case was filed against you in the UAE for misconduct, you might regard it as one of the grounds for Dubai visa denial. Such applications are instantly added to a blocklist as well.

Dubai Visa Rejections

Previously applied for an active Tourist/Employment visa

If you have previously applied for a Dubai tourist visa but could not visit abroad for whatever reasons, your application will likely be rejected. Therefore, always cancel your current visa before applying for a new one.

The improper spelling on the visa application

Your visa may be delayed or even rejected if you make mistakes in your name, date of birth, profession code, passport number, or expiration date. Be very cautious while filling out the visa application form, and watch out for typos like those mentioned above. So, next time, be careful when you are filling visa application and be thorough to check if mistakes happened during the form-filling process.

Unclear Photo scan copies

Ensure the scanned copy of the passport you are sending is clear, legible, and has no blurry or shadowy areas. So, be cautious when attaching these kinds of photo scan copies in your visa application process.
Poor Funding

Insufficient funds in your bank account are the most cited reason for a Dubai visa denial. You must provide documentation proving that you have adequate funds in your bank accounts to cover the cost of your stay in Dubai. The visa will be rejected if there is not enough money. Ensure your bank balance is solid and reliable and doesn’t fluctuate drastically to fulfill the requirements.

Late application for a visa

The late submission of the visa is another reason for refusing a Dubai visa. It is simple to secure a visa for Dubai within four to five working days. To avoid a last-minute rush or disappointment over a visa rejection, applying for a Dubai visa at least a month before the visit is advisable.

How to Check if Dubai Visa was Rejected?

To check your visa status, go to the country’s embassy website and enter the necessary information.
Interview location
Passport number
Application ID
Tracking number

How to find the Reason behind the visa rejection?

You receive a letter stating the reasons for the visa denial from the nation’s consulate or embassy. This procedure enables the applicant to submit a new application free of errors.
You should be aware of these are the most common reasons for Dubai visa rejections. The easiest method to prevent a Dubai visa rejection is to keep these considerations in mind, plan, have all necessary documentation on hand, and start the application process a month in advance; this way, you will have plenty of time to complete it with no difficulties.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Visa Approval/Rejections

How do I know if my online application for a visa to Dubai has been approved?

You will receive an email with your Dubai e-visa as soon as it is approved.

Can I file an appeal if my application for a tourist visa to Dubai is rejected?

Yes. The UAE High Commission will review your application and respond with more details regarding the rejection of your Dubai visa if you file an appeal.

Can we reapply for a visa to Dubai after being rejected?

If you filed an appeal to learn why your application for a visa to Dubai was denied, you must wait until you receive a letter from the UAE High Commission stating the reasons for the rejection. You can immediately reapply for your Dubai tourist visa online if you haven’t filed an appeal.

How long does it take to get a Dubai visa?

The regular processing time for a Dubai visa can take up to 4 to 5 days.

Does my passport have a stamp from Dubai?

No, a Dubai visa cannot be obtained in person. A Dubai e-visa must be obtained online and sent through email.

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