How long does it take to get a Dubai visa? Where can I get it quickly?

Dubai visa : Dubai is indeed one of the most visited cities in the United Arab Emirates, which is home to numerous wonders that leave tourists in amazement. Without question, Dubai outshines all other tourist destinations and stunning architecture. The best part is that if you have a passport, getting a Dubai visa for an Indian is not a difficult process and can be done in a couple of days.

Understanding your planned duration of stay in Dubai is the first phase of obtaining a visa, which will also affect how much it will cost and other entry criteria.

Depending upon the conditions, the cost of a Dubai visa may range from 2,000 to 18,000 rupees. Although the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Immigration gives the option of a “Dubai visa on arrival,” which can be obtained without previous arrangements once you arrive in Dubai, this visa has limited validity. Let’s understand more about this by moving ahead to the following article.

Dubai visa

UAE Visa

Checking your eligibility for an online UAE visa process is the first thing you ought to do. However, if you are eligible for an e-visa, you must fulfil specific prerequisites before applying. Here is a list of the requirements for the conditions:

Passport – All visitors must have a valid passport for at least six months from their date of arrival in the United Arab Emirates. You must have the document renewed if its expiration date is sooner.
Passport scan – If you’re scanning a passport, be sure the scan is in JPEG format.
Passport photo: The photo must adhere to the requirements for a passport photo.
Email address: A copy of your visa will be emailed to you when you submit your online application with a valid email address. Since you must print the visa, ensure you have access to your account.
Payment options: You will be required to pay the fees during the application process; thus, you will need an online payment option.

Time Taken to Obtain a Visa for Dubai

The processing period for a Dubai visa may vary. However, it usually takes 3 to 4 business days. It is for processing the visa before issuance; Saturday, Sunday, and any UAE holidays are not included. Aside from Saturday, Sunday, and any UAE holidays, the processing time for express visa applications for the UAE is 36 hours from the time of submission.

You must remember that the processing times may vary depending on how you apply for the visa. For example, if you apply for a visa through Emirates, you might receive it within 48 hours.

Processing times and costs for UAE visa

Depending on the processing time you choose when filling out the form, the price of your visa will change. You will be required to select one of the three processing times at step one of the application process. These are what they are:

Standard processing

It requires you to pay $132 for your visa and takes two business days to process your request.

Rush processing

You will be charged $162, and your application will be processed within 24 hours.

Super Rush processing

Select this option to receive your UAE visa in as low as 2 hours if you need it sooner. This is the most expensive choice, as you might anticipate. There will be a fee of $192.
The application form will be completed within 15 minutes because it is straightforward.
Your visa is sent to you through email in PDF format. It is, without a doubt, the most practical approach to obtaining a visa. However, if you are not eligible for this kind of visa, your only choice is to go and apply for a visa at the closest embassy in the UAE.
It is now necessary to get Covid insurance following the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, the UAE government has made purchasing travel insurance mandatory, which is something to keep in mind when visiting Dubai.

Here is an estimate of how long it typically takes to process tourist visas.

Processing Period for Travel Visa:

Standard 30 days
A standard tourist visa takes between 5 and 6 business days to process. Within 60 days after its issuance, this visa will no longer be valid.
Quick 30 days
Express tourist visas take two to three business days to process. Within 60 days after its issuance, this visa will no longer be valid.
Standard 90 days

Under the standard 90-day type, five to six working days are required for processing. Within 60 days after its issuance, this visa will no longer be valid.
Standard 14 days
Under the standard 14 day-type, five to six working days are required for processing.
Express 14 days
Under the Express type, a 48-hour processing window is available.

Now that you have understood how to get your Dubai Visa quickly, are you aware of the validity periods of tourist visas concerning the UAE/Dubai? Yes, there is a validity period for different tourist visas to Dubai. If you wish to explore more about the validity period of a tourist visa, then you are at the right place. Click the CLICK HERE to know more about the same.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dubai Visa Quickly

What is additional paperwork needed to apply for a Dubai transit visa?

Confirmed tickets for a return flight
Birth certificate for the child
Copy of your visa for the destination nation (age below 18 years)

How much time does it take to approve a visa?

The period after the arrival date should be six months.

What is the window period for obtaining a Dubai visa under express mode?

The window period for getting a Dubai visa under express mode is 48 days.

How can travellers from India obtain visas?

For entry into Dubai, a pre-applied visa is required. You are granted a 30-day, renewable tourist visa with one access. Before applying, make sure you have travel insurance and a passport valid for at least six months.

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