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UAE Freelancer Visa : Over the few years, freelancing has become more common, which gives people the flexibility to work from home and allows them to work wherever they want. Even countries like the UAE offer freelance visas to those willing to work as freelancers and start their self-employment. However, the candidate applying for a freelancer visa (UAE Freelancer Visa) should fulfill some eligibility criteria and follow an application process. 

Numerous free zones in the UAE, including twfour54, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Design District, and Ajman Free Zone, provide locals and visitors with a variety of freelancing visas to operate in the country. People can work in their respective fields anywhere in the UAE, regardless of whatever free zone they apply for the visa from.

If you are interested in acting, screenwriting, journalism, advertising, training, serving as an education counselor, customer service, or web development, you should apply for this visa in the UAE. Numerous websites provide a detailed list of the freelancing activities you can conduct with this visa.

UAE Freelancer Visa

Eligibility Criteria for Applying for UAE Freelancer Visa

All the applicants aspiring to apply for a UAE freelancer visa must fulfill certain eligibility criteria to start their application process. They are:

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, or at least they should be diploma holders.
The applicants must prove that they have earned an income of at least AED 360,000 (approx. INR 75 lakh) in the last two years.
You should belong to any industry or domain, like media, educational, technical, and design activities. 

Note: Please note that the eligibility also depends on the jobs or industries you are applying. 

List of Documents Required

Here is a list of documents required to apply for the UAE self-employment visa:

Resume or CV
Valid Passport for at least six months
Bank Statements
UAE Phone Number
Health Insurance
Medical Examination Report
Freelance Permit
Establishment Card
No Objection Letter
You are required to provide any additional documents on demand. 

How to Apply Online for A Freelancer Visa in UAE

You can apply for a UAE freelancer, also called a Green Residence visa, through the following steps. 

First, you need to visit the GDRFA official website on your mobile or desktop.
 It then redirects you to the Home Page.
Under the Services, you can find the Entry Permits button.
Now, click the New Visa Services and then click the ‘Issuing Entry Permit for Green Residence (Self-Employment)’ application.
Clicking the Start Service Page redirects you to the Login Page.
Select the option, Individuals at the top of the screen and log in using your GDRFA Online Account Details if you already have an existing account. 
If not, you need to create a new account by clicking the Register Now button Create a New Account link.
After successfully creating and logging into your account, you will be redirected to the personal dashboard of GDRFA.
 Now, you have to click the Green New Application button.
Then, you need to select Issuing Entry Permit for Green Residence (Self-Employment).
You will then need to fill in your personal details, contact information, and other relevant information. 
You may also be required to verify your qualification and profession and fill in your passport details.
Click the Next button, which will redirect you to the page where you must upload the documents for the visa.
 After you upload the necessary documents, you can make the payments in any of the payment modes suggested on the portal.
This way, you will finish your application process. 

After you finish the complete application process, you will receive a text message or an email with the status of your application. If you miss attaching any documents, the system may ask you to submit them within 30 days of application. If not, your application will get canceled. 

How to Apply for a Freelancer Visa at Amer Centre

As mentioned above, you can initiate your visa application process at Amer Centre. You can do this by following the below steps: 

Go and visit any of the Amer Service Centres of your choice.
You can find the list of Amer Service Centres by clicking here.
Go to reception and ask for a Green Visa freelancer application.
 Collect the printout and fill in all the necessary details like personal and contact information.
Attach all the required documents and submit your application to the Amer Centre Executive.
Pay the fee and collect the acknowledgment.
Keep the collected acknowledgment with you. You might need it for future use. 

Cost of UAE Freelancer Visa 

The freelancing permit, establishment card, and freelance visa each have varying prices.
A one-year freelance permit costs anywhere around AED 7500
A One-year establishment card costs anywhere around AED 2000

A three-year visa for independent work will cost you AED 4960 for normal and AED 3900 for express. 

If you are an outsider of the UAE searching for a three-year freelance job visa, it will cost you AED 3330 for normal and AED 3900 for express. 

Benefits of Having the UAE Self-Employed Visa Permit 

You can have numerous benefits of having the UAE freelancer visa permit with you. They are:

You can work at your own pace.
You can travel and live anywhere.
You can earn more money.
You will have a good work-life balance.
You can get the UAE Residence Permit.
You can take long holiday breaks and spend some time with your family.
You can enhance your creativity without taking work pressure.
You can sponsor your family members and your spouse.

Getting a freelancer visa in the UAE gives you access to several opportunities, which has one of the world’s fastest-expanding economies. With a freelancing visa from the UAE, you are able to live and work lawfully in any of the Emirates, bring your family, and take advantage of all that living in the UAE has to offer.

Please visit our articles for the latest updates on the application process and announcements related to travel and immigration. 

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