How to Apply for Kuwait Visa?

Kuwait Visa : One of the middle east’s major economic centres has always been Kuwait. However, because of the recent rise of the UAE, many people need to be aware of its significance. Most residents in Kuwait are Muslim and follow Islamic culture. Kuwait is a country where Arabic and English are widely spoken. Because Kuwaitis take their culture very seriously, certain tourist activities may be prohibited. The Kuwait Towers, The Mirror House, the calm and shallow waters of the Persian Gulf, and its extensive Museums are just a few of the must-see locations in Kuwait. Kuwait is the world’s top pearl exporter due to pearl fishing.

Salmiya’s scientific institutions are a reliable source of knowledge. The nation also features a sizable selection for brand-obsessed people, like Prada and Hermes. This nation also happens to be an oil-rich one. Except for other Arab nations, you are not required to travel with a guy or wear a hijab. You shouldn’t miss Kuwaiti food, which combines Indian, Arabian, Persian, and Mediterranean cooking styles.

Why do I need a visa for Kuwait?

All travellers to Kuwait require a visa, except those who are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). A relative currently residing in Kuwait, a Kuwaiti business, or a foreign resident of Kuwait must sponsor Kuwait to visit visa. You have two options for renewing your Kuwaiti tourist visa: online or offline. You can leave Kuwait for a day and reapply for a new one after taking a one-day excursion to adjacent locations. Indian nationals holding GCC residency cards are permitted entry into Kuwait with a travel visa. The Kuwaiti government introduced the e-Visa, an online tool for obtaining a visa, in 2016. Upon arrival, the authorised Visa reference number, GCC resident papers, and passport must be shown to enter Kuwait.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Kuwait Visa

 Indian nationals with valid Indian passports can apply for visas to Kuwait.
 Anyone wishing to visit Kuwait for business or pleasure or to visit family or friends may apply for a visa through Visa Lounge. 
 Passengers flying to Kuwait are required to have travel insurance.

Kuwait Visa

Required documents for Kuwait visa:

Travellers should be aware that they require a few documents to apply for a Kuwait visa. This will quicken the procedure and raise the likelihood that the visa will be granted. The records are;

A valid Indian passport is required to travel from India to Kuwait, even if you hold a temporary travel document.
Original passport with at least three blank pages, at least six months of remaining validity, and any previous passports.
If you are a resident of one of the GCC countries, your GCC card must state that you have lived there for at least six months.
Two recent colour pictures; two visa application forms (duly filled and signed)
You must submit passport-sized photos with a white backdrop and with clarity.
A letter of explanation for travelling to Kuwait
Authentic bank statement (updated for the last three months and stamped with the bank seal).
Airline tickets providing proof of round-trip flights to and from your home country
A hotel reservation proves you will have a place to stay during your visit.
Travel Timetable: a daily itinerary covering every step of the route.
Police Clearance Certificate (ideally issued from MEA)
A medical certificate from a doctor approved by the Kuwaiti Embassy.

How to Apply Online for Kuwait Visa 

You can obtain an electronic visa to travel to Kuwait from India. To apply for a Kuwait visa online, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Download the application form  (or) you may get it from the official website.
Submit a properly completed application. Information from your passport, your personal information, and the specifics of your journey to Kuwait are all requested on the application form.
Step 2: You must present a biometric passport page and the other required paperwork.
Step 3: Your e-Visa will be delivered to your email address. You must print out the same document and have it stamped when you arrive in Kuwait.

Processing Period for Kuwait Visa

A visa to Kuwait takes 3 to 20 business days to process, depending on the type of visa applied.
When your application is accepted, the traveller will receive an email with the visa instructions. The Kuwait Ministry of Interior’s official website allows you to check the status of your application.

Entry Requirements for Kuwait Visa

  1. The applicant is not permitted to work for pay in Kuwait.
  2. During the visit, the applicant must be able to support themselves and any dependents.
  3. The length of your stay in Kuwait or the duration of your visa, whichever is longer, requires that your passport be valid.
  4. If there’s any dispute about the authenticity of your passport, Kuwait may refuse to let you enter.

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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Apply for Kuwait Visa

Is the Indian visa for Kuwait available?

Yes, all Indian citizens with passports can travel to Kuwait. An e-Visa is offered to Indian citizens.

How long do visas to Kuwait take?

If the weekend (Friday and Saturday) and Kuwaiti holidays are excluded, the e-Visa will typically be processed in 4 days. However, some could take up to 8 days to process after submitting a complete application.

How long would it take to get a Kuwaiti visa stamped?

The visa stamping process has since been simplified as a result of increased agency submission quotas, and it currently takes 15 days for routine submissions and only 6-7 days for urgent submissions.

What is the required starting wage for a Kuwaiti visitor visa?

The sponsor must earn at least KWD 500 ($1,631) monthly wages.

Where in India is the stamping of Kuwaiti visas done?

People with family or work visas must be stamped at the Kuwait Embassy in Delhi or the Kuwait Consulate in Mumbai.

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