What is the Validity Period for a Tourist Visa?

Validity Period for a Tourist Visa : Today, the economic impact of tourism is equal to or even greater than that of exports of crude oil, food, or automobiles. In addition to playing a significant role in global trade, tourism is also one of the key sources of revenue for many developing nations.

And now we are talking about the hot favourite tourism hub of the tourist world– DUBAI.

Dubai is the epitome of luxury. From a tiny desert village to a thriving metropolis, this city welcomes roughly 15 million visitors yearly. Every travel enthusiast should go to Dubai because of its world-class infrastructure, spectacular sceneries, shopping, desert safaris, and other attractions, and it has a lot to offer everyone.

You can imagine the number of applications for travel visas the immigration department receives each day, given the year-round visitor flow in Dubai. Let’s learn more about the tourist visa in greater detail.

Validity Period for a Tourist Visa

Different Dubai Tourist Visa Types

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a wide range of visas to people wishing to enter the nation. However, people with a tourist visa are only permitted to engage in a certain number of activities in Dubai, which is more restricted than a visit visa. In addition, authorities only issue tourist visas for a finite amount of time, called the validity period. Hence they can be considered as a subset of the Visit Visa. The different types of tourist visas offered are listed below:

Visitor Visa

These visas have a 14-day maximum stay but can be extended for an additional 30 (short-term) or 90 (long-term) days (long-term). The additional fee that must be paid in addition to the visa fee will be reimbursed when the person departs the country.

Multiple-entry Visa

This visa has a six-month validity period and a 30-day stay duration. A visa of this kind cannot be renewed.

30-day Dubai tourist visa

This visa allows for a 30-day stay and allows the holder to visit other cities in the United Arab Emirates. Under certain conditions, the validity of this visa may be extended for up to an additional ten days.

Transit visas

These are only available to those who are staying in Dubai for a brief period, up to 96 hours.

Although other types of visas are available, tourists to Dubai who only intend to visit can choose between these two options. In addition, a multiple-entry visa is an option for individuals who must visit the city on various occasions over a specific period.

Once it has been granted, the visa remains valid for 60 days. Tourists may visit the country at any time during this time; after that, the visa must be cancelled. If the applicant does not visit the country within the specified period and does not cancel the prior visa, a new visa will not be issued.

Essential Documents for a tourist visa to Dubai:

People who wish to visit Dubai on a tourist visa must provide the following documentation:
Passport: A candidate must present a passport that is at least six months old and valid to prove their nationality.
Application form
Applicants must fill out and sign the visa application form. People should note that the data is accurate because any errors could cause delays.
The latest photo of the candidate must be included with the application. The photo must be in colour and at most six months.
The application needs to contain the travel plan. Include the travel dates, a copy of the tickets, and details about the location where a person is expected to stay.
Funding information
Applicants must provide documentation proving that they have adequate funds in bank accounts to cover the cost of their stay in Dubai.
Authorities may also request any other documents in addition to the ones stated above. In situations like this, it is essential to have access to all other pertinent data.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Visitor visas

What differentiates a multiple entry visa from a regular tourist visa?

A regular tourist visa is a one-time entry and exit document used for travel or frequent vacations. The multiple-entry Dubai visa is ideal for those who frequently travel to Dubai for work, fun, or to visit family or friends.

What is an Emirate’s Visit Visa?

A visitor with a UAE visit visa is permitted a 90-day stay starting from the day of arrival. To apply for a visit visa, the visitor must get an invitation letter and residence documentation from a relative in the United Arab Emirates. The processing of visas takes four to five working days. After its issuance, the visa is good for 60 days.

Is it feasible for a traveller to visit the UAE with a one-way ticket?

No. A visitor must have a return ticket or a ticket for a consecutive destination to travel to the UAE.

Can I use my Indian driver’s licence to drive in the UAE?

No. You must apply for an international driver’s license or a UAE permit to drive in the UAE.

I have a current US visa and am an Indian national. For my trip to the UAE, do I still require a visa?

Yes, even if you have a US visa, you will still require a UAE visa (valid for a minimum of 6 months). However, you can obtain a visa at the UAE airport upon arrival.

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